Charleston Airport Parking – The Complete Guide

As riveting as the topic of parking might be, it’s not something that we generally give very much thought to until we actually need it. When we are forced to turn our attention to parking options at Charleston Airport due to our travel plans, that’s the time when we begin weighing our options. This guide was written to spare you from wading through the wealth of helpful and not-so helpful information that might leave your mind in overload.

Charleston Off-Airport Parking

When you park at an off-airport parking company you are paying much less than you would at Charleston Airport. Both off-airport parking facilities offer free shuttle service to and from the airport with curbside service. Hey, we all need exercise but that doesn’t mean you should haul your luggage 3-7 minutes from the airport’s self-park or garage parking facility to your terminal.

Plus, off-airport parking companies have more flexibility with prices so they are able to offer discounts for corporate parkers (contact Park & Go). Additionally, another benefit of off-airport parking companies is that they offer online reservations for their customers. This is extremely helpful especially during busy seasons like Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Lock-in your low rates by reserving your Charleston Airport Parking now.

Some may not park at these off-airport parking companies because of time or distance from the airport. That’s because they haven’t taken a closer look. Once you arrive at the facility and check-in you are whisked away to the curbside of Charleston Airport in nearly the same amount of time as parking at the airport. The process is very quick and BONUS - you can save about $2-$7 per day (or the equivalent of a fancy latte with a heart written in foam)

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Perks: Get dropped off curbside and save $2-$7 per day!


  • $8/day
  • 2 miles away
  • 4 minutes
  • Valet Parking


  • $6.8/day
  • 2.5 miles away
  • 6 minutes
  • Valet Parking

Charleston On-Airport Parking

When you park at Charleston Airport’s parking facilities you will pay much more than you would at an off-airport parking company, but you’ll be on the airport property. Charleston Airport provides surface lot parking, garage parking, and valet parking.

One positive to parking at Charleston Airport is the fact that they are walking distance from the terminals. Keep in mind that walking distance is a relative term. Think Disney World – Tomorrowland is walking distance to Frontierland… but would you want to haul your luggage all that way?

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Once you arrive at the gates of the surface lot and parking garage pull a ticket, enter the facility, and park your vehicle. However, if you have an oversized vehicle you are not permitted to park it at the airport’s facilities.

At this time, Charleston Airport (CHS) does not offer parking reservations. This may cause issues during holidays when there is a surplus of travelers. If you want to reserve your parking ahead of time, book your Charleston Airport parking reservation now!

Walking distance to your Airport Terminal


Surface Lot

  • self-parking
  • $10/day
  • 7 minute walk to terminal


  • self-parking
  • $15/day
  • 3 minute walk to terminal

Valet Parking

  • valet curbside parking
  • $21/day
  • 1 minute walk to terminal

We want to make sure that wherever you park, your Charleston Airport Parking experience is a smooth one. If you have any questions about our CHS Airport parking operation, we would love to help! Email us or call us, and we’ll help as much as we can!

Trust us!   We would love the opportunity to make your travels from CHS affordable and stress free!